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Numurus helps companies quickly add AI and automation to their products and services.

About Us

Numurus is focused on accelerating the development of edge-AI and automation solutions.

Numurus is achieving this goal with its innovative open-source NEPI AI and automation software platform, turnkey read to deploy edge-compute hardware solutions, along with domain expert support and engineering services. Numurus helps engineering teams leapfrog many of the typical hurdles integrating AI and automation technologies, letting them stay focused on the end customer solution.  Let Numurus help accelerate your solution development and significantly reduce the time and cost to bring your next great innovation to market.

Numurus offers software, hardware, and engineering design services that jumpstart your edge AI and automation projects.

AI and Automation SOFTWARE

Numurus offers NEPI, a full-featured software platform for edge AI and robotic automation development. NEPI includes a library of plug-and-play sensor and control drivers, drag-and-drop AI and automation orchestration applications, native Robot Operating System (ROS) interface support, system management tools, customizable browser-based interfaces, and more.

TurnKey Edge-Compute HARDWARE

Numurus partners with leading embedded hardware providers to offer off-the-shelf AI and automation edge-compute platforms pre-installed with Numurus’ NEPI software, giving developers a rapid turnkey platform to start building their AI enabled automation solutions.

Software and Hardware Support

In addition to the extensive online documentation and tutorials available to NEPI users and developers, Numurus offers on-demand support subscriptions that keep your projects on track and your teams focused on the end-customer solution, not wasting time searching online forums hoping someone else posted the issue and got a response.

Solution Design Services

Numurus offers engineering design and prototyping services that reduce smart system development risks and timelines. Numurus’ professional services team includes experienced AI, automation, smart sensing, and robotic engineers that can quickly expand your team’s capabilities and accelerate your AI and automation solution development efforts.

Case Studies

Just a few examples customer success stories

Monitoring Automation

Robotic threat detection solution connecting on-board cameras, artificial intelligence, and a USV control system.

Inspection Automation

Robotic inspection automation leveraging integrated AI and automation capabilities connected to an ROV control system.

Search Automation

Robotic search and rescue project to develop AI-based drone automation and remote monitoring capabilities.

Process Automation

A sensor modernization project to add real-time AI-driven analytics and cloud-based monitoring to an existing sonar product line.

Technology Partners

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