Smart System
Design Services

that expand your team's capabilities and get your products to market faster.

Smart System Design Services

Design services that help you reach your project goals faster.

Use Numurus’ smart system engineering team to augment your in-house team and accelerate your AI and automation solution development.

Software Development Services

Many of our clients either don’t want to hire new software developers or want their teams staying focused on core technology development, not distracted by low-level and middleware software coding. In these cases, they hire Numurus’ design services to augment their in-house teams and leverage our expertise to speed up project development timelines.

Hardware Drivers

Process Applications

User Interfaces

Edge-Compute Platform Services

Choosing the right edge-compute hardware platform and integrating it with all sensors, actuators, and control systems required can be a daunting task, and bad choices early on can be costly or even kill a project. Numurus’ design services team can select the right edge-compute hardware for your project goals, get it integrated with all the peripheral hardware your solution requires, and deliver a production ready package, allowing your in-house teams to stay focused on the end-customer solution.

Hardware Prototyping

System Integration

Environmental Packaging

Project Support Services

Creating a new product or service that leverages industry 4.0 technologies like AI, automation, robotics, and internet of things capabilities requires bringing together a lot of technologies and an array of engineering skills. While Numurus’ design services team is amazing, we also know what we are good at which is helping our clients quickly integrate these new technologies with theirs to create amazing next generation products, services, and solutions.  Let Numurus help your team jumpstart it’s next smart system project.

Product Modernization

Process Automation

Remote Operations

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